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  • Tom Kaiser Co Chairperson
    Mary PatTyson Vanderlaan, Co Chairperson
    Fr. Chris Lankford, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Lisa Grisolia, Director of Music, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Catey Cohen, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Jeff Williams, Director of Administration and Facilities
    Jim Viola
    Mary Lou Rafferty
    Steve Hillsman
    Peg Cello
    Paul Taviani, Parish Council Laison 
    Joyce Callahan
    April 2018
  • Worship Commission Meeting – April 16, 2018
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Catey Cohen, Michael Groth, Tom Kaiser, Paul Taviani, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, Peg Cello, Joyce Callahan, and Steve Hillsman.
    Faith Sharing: Jim Viola led.  Gospel John 10:11-18.  Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd and I know mine and mine know me.”  How wonderful that we might all know his voice and follow him.
    Parish Council report: Father Chris started an IC twitter page!  Each commission should review our part of the website to see where it can be improved and join twitter.  “That Man is You” program will begin on September 8, 2018 and is supported by our three Elmhurst parishes.  The two parishes in Villa Park will share a Pastor.  Worship Commission should assess and recommend how much blessed bread we need for next year’s Holy Thursday Altar of Repose since we ran out about 9:30. Also, we recommended that ushers should be trained for emergency response and should invite Fire and Police to train them.  Pastoral Plan – each commission needs to report its accomplishments, on the topics of communication, collaboration and hospitality; and its major plans for next year. It was decided to go back to filling 2-part time employees-in the finance department and volunteer coordinator rather than to employ a person full-time to cover both positions.  There will be an after-school grade school coordinator and program.  Work continues the grade school (top floor only computer room and small closet need to be renovated.  The lower floors still need to be done.  Deacon Max is assigned to St. Michaels in Wheaton.  Deacon Max will be ordained on May 26th.  His first Mass at I. C. will be on June 3rd at 9:00 a.m.  Holy Ghost School will close.  Will need to evaluate how many of the 37 students ICGS could accommodate.  Family based RE program at Visitation will begin and IC will need to assess how this might impact our RE enrollment.  GS has 3 pending retirees and HS has 2.  Plans underway to fill positions.
    Worship Commission programs and projects
    • The Liturgical Ministry day on Saturday, February 24 at Ascension Church was well attended by IC.  Speakers were good.
    • Eighteen Hours of Reconciliation on Friday, March 9th there were 460 people who received the sacrament.  Small changes recommended by the hosts and Catey will implement for next year.  Also, keep the small snacks and water, and add a tray of cookies. 
    • All day Eucharistic Adoration:  There were times when the schools did not show up at assigned times.  It is critical that there always be someone there and Catey will take additional measures so there is always someone in the church – need a backup plan.
    • Lector and Eucharistic Minister training –May 8 at 7:00 pm.  The next Volunteer Coordinator should be trained for both positions.  There are about 8 people interested and Catey will call them, so they show up.  Especially need for 11:30 and 5:15 Sun.
    • Worship Commission acted as greeters again for Holy Thursday in the church (March 29, 8 - midnight).  Next year we need more greeters at the 8-9:00 timeframe.  Also, there was confusion about the song sheets – they should be collected in the church, so people have them as they process to church.  We suggest that prayer cards should be set in pews in church.  Those who are leaving for the bus tour need to be quiet when they leave.  Need to tell Pam.  We ran out of blessed bread.  There were 200 loaves and we should plan for 400 next year.
    • Parish Mission on March 11-13.  The reception was well attended, and Worship Commission did a good job with ushers and hosting the reception.  Many people attended the reception.  Next year Jon Grossman will do mission.
    • Stations of the Cross – WC agreed to help to plan one stations of the cross – maybe a different time?  Maybe with a focus on youth?  Tom L – perhaps we can work with him on it.  Maybe RE could sponsor and plan one?  We agreed to work with Tom L.
    • Holy week and Easter – Good Friday – 3:00 was very well attended.  Holy Saturday – suggestion that there should be a microphone out at the fire.  It was beautiful.  There were no ushers on the schedule – need 2 minimum.   Easter Masses were all well attended.  Regarding the reserved pews, if they are not taken by Gloria, should bring people standing in back forward.
    Upcoming Holy Hours –World Day of Prayer for Vocations is on April 22, 2018.    Next year we should have a Holy Hour for vocations in December.  Need to get the Holy Hours and Taize on calendar for next year.
    Other -   Beginning June 10 all Masses (except 5:15 Sunday) are scheduled to be in the church.  Someone from Worship should check with Father Tom to see if we can have all the Masses in the church, since Visitation no longer formally attending the Sunday night mass. Worship Commission is available to help with the reception for Deacon Max on June 3. The next Donut Sunday is April 29 and Catey will let us know if she needs us to host.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.
    Next WC meeting is May 21.  Next Leadership meeting is June 4.
    February 2018
  • Worship Commission Meeting – February 20, 2018
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Lisa Grisolia, Catey Cohen, Michael Groth, Tom Kaiser, Paul Taviani, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, Peg Cello, Mary Lou Rafferty and Joyce Callahan
    Faith Sharing: Joyce and Mary Pat led.  The first reading was from Genesis about God putting Abraham to the test – through the holocaust sacrifice of his son Isaac.  God spared Isaac because of the devotion of Abraham to God.  Because of this obedience, God promised that the descendants of Abraham would be “as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore.”  The Gospel was the story of the dazzling Transfiguration of Jesus.  Peter, James and John were witness to the mysterious event where God said “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”
    Parish Council report:  There was no report since the last PC meeting was the Leadership Night (Taize prayer service).  Next PC meeting is March 19.  It was noted that confirmation is April 21 at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM.  Father Tom will confirm the candidates.
    Worship Commission programs and projects
    • The Liturgical Ministry day is Saturday, February 24 at Ascension Church from 8:00 AM to noon.  Catey said that we have 26 people signed up already so that is good.
    • Ash Wednesday – It seemed that people liked the continuous distribution of ashes over the noon hour.  4:30 Mass was packed!  Many RE parents and students attended the grade school Mass because there was a late start for school.
    • Eighteen Hours of Reconciliation on Friday, March 9th from 12 noon until 10:00 PM and Saturday March 10th from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Jim reported that there are only 6 slots left to fill.  Thank you to Jim and Scott Hunter for organizing the coverage (and Jim said the thanks goes to Dave McCaffrey who is the expert on the scheduler)).  Catey will bring 250 copies of the reconciliation guidelines.  She is working on the schedule for the Priests.  We only need light snacks for the priests this year, as there was too much left over last year.  Also, there was a suggestion that we have photographs of the priests so that the greeters can direct them to their stations easily.  Catey will also make copies of the church history brochures to have available.  Need to be sure we have the sign outside the church.
    • All day Eucharistic Adoration is on March 21 and Catey is taking volunteers to ensure there is always someone in the church. 
    • Lector and Eucharistic Minister training – 1 Eucharistic Minister was trained.  Six others signed up but did not attend.  Peg and Tom asked that they get the names of those who sign up so that they can make a special call to them.  Catey suggested it best to have another training in April so the new ministers can act as substitutes in May – July.
    • Taize was great – it was tied to the Leadership night.  The atmosphere was very reverent, the music and singers, and musicians were marvelous.  About 50 people in attendance.  Some people from the Grace Café, Women’s CRHP, Elmhurst College – personal invitation works best.  We talked about linking the service to another function – e.g. to invite catechists; have it after the 5:15 Mass, etc.
    • Worship Commission will act as greeters again for Holy Thursday in the church (March 29, 8 - midnight).  Tom will send out a list of times for us to volunteer.
    • Parish Mission is March 11-13 and Father Fragomini will speak again “Passing on faith through the family”.  Worship Commission will contact Anne Hohbein to see if she needs greeters, ushers, or others to assist.  (Since the meeting, Worship has agreed to provide ushers for Tuesday and to work with Anne on the reception).
    Discussion about Welcoming – The 9:00 Mass in Chapel is always welcoming to parishioners.  In the Chapel at 5:15, improvement in welcoming is needed.  In the Church it is more difficult because of the logistics and space, and the noise.  It was suggested that the ushers help with the doors.  Jim will focus on 11:30 Mass, Tom will check in at 5:15 Mass and Joyce will invite some of the 7:30 Mass attendees to help with the doors.  We want to try to make some informal improvements during Lent and check in afterward.     
    Upcoming Holy Hours –The next Holy Hour was scheduled for the last week in April, but that is not good since the Respect Life Holy Hour is that same week (the 4th Thursday).  Olive Cadaoas (who is lead for Vocations in parish) still hopes we can have a Holy Hour to promote vocations – World Day of Prayer for Vocations on April 22, 2018.  Tom suggested that we have available the Knight of Columbus prayer cards that day and perhaps have a special prayer at the end of Mass.  Tom will contact Olive.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.
    Next WC meeting is WEDNESDAY March 14 at 7:00 PM – in the Church where we will first go to Stations of the Cross and hold our meeting afterwards.
    January 2018
  • Worship Commission Meeting – January 15, 2018
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Lisa Grisolia, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, Peg Cello, Mary Lou Rafferty, and Steve Hillsman.
    Faith Sharing: Jim led us in prayer and reflection.  We read from the Acts of the Apostles 22:3 – 16.  It is one of the readings for the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle on January 25th.  It was about St. Paul relaying his experience of his conversion – seeing the great light about noon, and falling to the ground.  A voice said to him ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’  When he asked, ‘Who are you, sir?’, Jesus said ‘I am Jesus the Nazorean whom you are persecuting.’ St. Paul responded and changed the history of the world.
    Minutes:  11/20/17 minutes approved.  Discussion ensued.  A question that was prompted by the minutes whether Eucharistic Ministers might be part of the “welcoming” concern.  Particularly in the chapel where they might hand out song books and welcome people.  We all thought this was good, and need to figure out the logistics.  Perhaps Peg could send out a notice for the newsletter, and Jim will work with the Ushers.
    Parish Council report:  Leadership night is Monday, February 12 at 7:00 PM.  Deacon Max checking with Fr. Ed Paloran from Mundelein to speak – theme of “spreading the gospel; why follow Jesus?”  The question was raised about music.  (Since our WC meeting, it was decided that the Leadership night will be a Taize service (which was originally scheduled for Friday February 2 at 7:00) since Fr. Ed was not available to speak to the leadership on that date). 
    The Liturgical Ministry day is Saturday, February 24 at Ascension Church from 8:00 AM to Noon.  All Liturgical Ministers are requested to attend.
    Eighteen Hours of Reconciliation will be held at IC on Friday, March 9th from 12 noon until 10:00 PM and Saturday March 10th from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Father asked that Worship Commission assist as we did last year.  (Jim Viola and Tom Kaiser agreed to be leads on this again, and Mary Pat will check with Scott Hunter to see if he is available as he was last year to work on this.  She will also send out the feedback on last year’s services so that we can plan and execute it even better). 
    Parish Mission is March 11-13 and Father Fragomini will speak again “Passing on faith through the family”. 
    Discussion about a Welcoming Committee – Father Tom wants the CCW to take this on as lead although all commissions and committees need to focus on this too.     
    Christmas feedback:  Caroling went well with 2 songs, a blessing and 2 more songs.  Cookies and hot chocolate were good indoors and it was quite well attended.  Christmas was chaotic with 2-way traffic on the side aisles and need to consider how to manage that better next year.
    Lent:  Lent begins on February 14.  WC will act as greeters again for Holy Thursday evening in the church.  A suggestion was made that we post “Best Lent Ever” from Matthew Kelley – Tom will check on this.  Stations will be like last year (Wednesdays PM and Friday Grade school).
    • Music - Taize - The next Taize service was scheduled Friday May 2 but will now be on Leadership Night, Monday February 12 at 7:00 PM.  Lisa will need help setting up (Peg and Mary Pat), passing out worship guides Mary Lou, Tom), readers (Tom volunteered for reading and Jim for petitions), cleanup.  Lisa will take care of the bulletin, newsletter, post it on website, and have notice sent to the deanery churches.
    • Music – Lisa found some coloring posters with Psalms for Lent that the parish could purchase (either the digital version where we would make copies or hard posters.  The digital version is not expensive.  We were unable to come up with a planned event.  Discussion about whether we could have an intergenerational day, or hand out after Mass.  We agreed to keep this in mind for a future event.
    • Holy Hours –. The next Holy Hour was scheduled for the last week in April, but that is not good since the Respect Life Holy Hour is that same week (the 4th Thursday).  Olive Cadaoas (who is lead for Vocations in parish) had requested that we have a Holy Hour to promote vocations – Father Chris and Lisa will check to see whether we can fit this in around some of the special dates for vocations.  Mary Lou brought forward some dates.  Mary Pat agreed to inform Olive about the status.
    • Ministry Day is March 24 from 8-noon at Ascension Church in Oak Brook Terrace.  WC needs to market this to ministers thru bulleting and a special letter.  Father Tom wants a big turnout. 
    • Liturgical Minister training will be held Tuesday January 23 at 6:00 PM for interested Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.
    Next WC meeting is TUESDAY, February 20 at 7:00 PM.
    Next Leadership Night is Monday February 12 at 7:00 PM in the church.
    November 2017
  • IC Worship Commission 11-20-17 Meeting Minutes

    In attendance: Tom Kaiser, Jim Viola, Fr. Chris, Peg Cello, Joyce Callahan

    Parish Council update- Fr. Chris talked about Pastoral Plan. The biggest component of Pastoral Plan discussed was Hospitality. Parish Council encourages all Commissions to set concrete goals about how we can do Hospitality. We first asked, how can we make people feel welcome at Mass? A good start would be having Ushers greet people when they arrive. We sometimes do it now, but it’s a nice goal to be more consistent at every Mass. Also good to hand out Bulletins after Mass and wish Parishioners a good day.

    Also good to continue to stock the coloring book bags for kids and the Magnifikids subscription..

    Donut Sundays can promote hospitality. Community Life Commission has been planning those, can Worship Commission take one over?

    WC can continue to plan and do the Christmas Tree lighting after 5:15 Saturday Mass in December.

    And WC can welcome new Ministers by greeting them and training them to be prepared for their Ministry.   AND Worship Commission members can think about other Hospitality activities we can sponsor and bring them to the next meeting.

    Catey found Advent documents for the web site and Jim can add those to the Web Site.

    Fr. Chris found out 34 families signed up to be new Parishioners the past 3 months. So he called a good number of them by phone, welcomed them, and answered their questions. Who else could help Fr. Chris to call new members?

    Regarding IC Fest 2017, Fr. Chris saved the checklist for Mass so we have it for next year. We will save other pieces of info for next year like the seating and Altar layout in Wilder.

    Last Eucharistic Minister training in October trained 4 or 5 new Ministers. Also, 1 new Lector was trained. Next Ministry training will be April 10 and 14.

    Taize in October was Beautiful and we hope more will attend the next one on February 2nd. We will try to reach out and invite more Parishioners personally. Thank you for all the time and preparation, Lisa!

    We should promote Ministry Day for the Deanery in March or April. Fr. Chris will let us know the date when he finds out.

    We are talking about doing an Hour of Prayer in April after Easter. (Easter is 4/1/18). A Parishioner recommended a theme of Vocations for the next Hour of Prayer.

    Caroling at the Crib will be Saturday December 9th after 5:15 Mass. Tom will bring Hot Chocolate, Jim will bring cookies. We will again set up the table in the Narthex and serve cookies and hot chocolate there after caroling. Catey will inform James to get us the table and coffee maker. WC members will hand out Song Sheets after Mass.

    Fr. Chris said that he continues to think about the Altar Server Coordinator position. He is serving the function and Catey Cohen is also serving the function. Fr. Chris mentioned the Altar Servers get a Certificate at the end of the school year commending their service. Certificates are handed out to ICGS students at the end of the school year at school. Worship Commission can help coordinate making sure they get handed out to R/E students during R/E at the end of the school year.

    Fr. Chris updated us that we might not have an 11:30am Mass on Sunday 12/24/17 Christmas Eve. We will have a 7:30am and 9:00am Mass that day. Christmas Masses start at 3:00pm.


    August 2017
  • Worship Commission Meeting – August 21, 2017
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Tom Kaiser, Paul Taviani, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, Peg Cello, Joyce Callahan, and Catey Cohen

    Faith Sharing: Jim led us in prayer and reflection.  We read Psalm 138 (Lord your love is eternal; do not forsake the work of your hands) and Gospel -  Matthew 16:13-20.  When Jesus asked his disciples, who do people say that the Son of Man is, Simon Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”.  Jesus then called him Peter and gave him the keys of heaven and the promise that the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. 

    Minutes:  Approved, with one correction:  Respect Life Holy Hours are on 4th Thursdays.  Tom passed out the schedule for 2017-18 Worship Commission and Leadership Night meetings. Jim will post the schedule.

    Parish Council:  Paul Taviani reported out that the first PC meeting is on Monday August 28.     
    C Fest
    is on August 26.
    Boy Scouts will assist with set-up along with Dave Mc. and the K of C.  K of C will help with the altar at 10:00.  Catey will confirm that Dave will also do the aisles.
    Ten football players will help distribute Mass song sheets and bulletins and should arrive at 3:30. Fathers Tom and Chris and Deacon John are presiding and we have 5 Eucharistic Ministers who should arrive at the Park at 3:30. (Peg will act as the Mass Captain and will physically show them where they are to go to distribute communion).  Loretta K. and Tom K. are lectors. WC members should arrive at the Chapel at 3:00.  Peg will bring a tent for the musicians and have it there at 2:00.  Jeff will let Tom know if the truck is still not fixed, so that Tom might have to pick up the sound system from Perry’s.  Servers may wear “school shoes”, collared shirt and slacks (no shorts).  Catey will send out reminder emails and will also check to see if the football players will sit in a special area in their uniforms.
    List:  Altar cloth, chalice, books, baskets, candles, cruets, ciborium, hand wash vessels, lector binders, hosts (600). 
    Special instructions:  Ushers for collection are to be adults only.  Ushers need to be trained on how to direct the flow for receipt of Communion.  Peg will serve Communion to any in handicap area.  The Altar should be where it was before, and there is to be no cover over the Altar.

    Holy Hours –. The first Holy Hour was Friday July 7.  I.t was beautiful but sparsely attended.  If we do this next summer, it was suggested that we do a noon Holy Hour as the Office closes at noon and we may get better attendance.  Also, Friday may not be the best day of the week in the summer. 
    The next service will be Taize on Friday October 20 at 7:00 PM.  Lisa will need help setting up, passing out worship guides, a reader (Jim volunteered), cleanup.  Lisa will take care of the bulletin, newsletter, post it on website, and have notice sent to the deanery churches.  She will also check to see if it can go on the sign outside the Chapel.
    • Catey talked about the Fellowship (Hospitality) Sundays.There are 4 on the Calendar between now and next June.Catey thought it would be good if groups within a Commission would agree to host to obtain more volunteers.She hopes to have a Hospitality Committee in place by the end of this fiscal year.
    • There was discussion about a lack of comradery among volunteers and how we used to have sessions where the ministers would all get together for a half day of fellowship and prayer.It was suggested that there be an annual “training” for EMs, lectors, ushers.We might call it “Ministry Refreshment or Renewal Day”.We came up with Saturdays October 21 (EMs), 28 (lectors) and November 4 (ushers) beginning with 8:00 AM Mass and followed by light breakfast.
    • Liturgical Minister training will be held Saturday October 14 at 9:30 AM; October 17 at 7:00 PM; and April 10 at 9:30 AM and April 14 at 7:00 PM.
    • Altar Server coordinator – Catey sends a reminder to the parents and server when they do not show up.She will also track the other ministers and inform the coordinators and prepare a report for the September 18 meeting.
    • Jeff asked how Worship Commission could help other Commissions to update their web pages.  Olive C. is the PC member who is leading up this effort.  More to come on this.
    • Father Tom’s Anniversary:  November 5 after 9:00 AM Mass.  He wants WC to play the same role as we did for the 140th Anniversary where WC will take care of punch, water, coffee (but only if it is from outside – no brewing of coffee), cups, plates, napkins table cloths (?), cake, etc.  Jeff said we should save our receipts and obtain reimbursement and IC has accounts with Sam’s Club and Costco.
    • Mass times:  Voting came in – Saturday 5:15; 5:00, 4:00, 4:30; and Sundays 5:15 and 5:00.  We suggest no earlier than 5:00 if there is going to be a change.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.
    Next WC meeting is September 18 at 7:00 PM.

    May 2017
  • Worship Commission Meeting – May 15, 2017
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, Peg Cello Mary Lou Rafferty and Catey Cohen.
    Faith Sharing: Jim led us in prayer and reflection.  We read Psalm 66 (Let all the earth cry out with joy!) and Gospel of John 14:15-21.  Jesus told his disciples that he will send another Advocate to be with them (and us) who is the spirit of truth who remains with us.  We will not be left orphans because Jesus and the Father are one, and Jesus said that we are in Him.
    Minutes:  Approved.
    Welcoming new members:  We welcomed Catey Cohen to the Worship Commission – she is our parish new Volunteer Coordinator.  We all wish Maria the best and thank her for her outstanding work.
    Parish Council:  Mary Pat Vanderlaan reported out on the May 1 PC meeting. 
    • WC suggests we consider doing Commission by Commission Hospitality Sunday – PC was OK with this – still maintain a Ministry Sunday overall.Father concerned about too many Sundays with speakers so need to consider that.
    • Regarding training all 6th graders as Altar servers, the reaction was mixed – some concern as to whether that would overstep parents’ boundaries – needs more discussion.
    • Reported on upcoming training for liturgical ministers – Father noted concern about timing of training since months may elapse from time of training till Lectors are on schedule.It was suggested that WC look at timing or assign a mentor for each new Lector to help them through the first few times (it would also be an opportunity to provide feedback).
    • For Fall Leadership, PC suggested we discuss how to better develop the volunteer ministries and recruitment.
    • Lack of viable hospitality committee was discussed and PC suggested that new parishioners receive a welcoming call from a current parishioner.
    • PC said that we need to review our web pages-Commission by Commission and update.Olive C. will be the lead to help jumpstart getting appropriate people as leads within staff and Commissions and looking at credentials, etc.
    • Max Behna is our new Deacon for this year as he finishes his last year before ordination.
    • Next Leadership Night is June 5 at 7:00 in the Agnesian Room.Each Commission should report out on successes of the year.There will be wine and refreshments.
    • Liturgical Minister training June 13 and 17.Two Lectors and one Eucharistic Minister were trained.Tom will send out a lector pronunciation guideline; Peg will send out Eucharistic Minister guidelines, Tom will send out helpful hints, and Jim will post to WC’s page.
    • Ministry Day – May 20 and 21.There will be speaker at each Mass.
    • Altar Server coordinator –Father Chris will explore this further.Father Chris wants to have a better game plan for recruiting and training and will work over the summer as a priority with Catey.
    Holy Hours – We are still interested.  Based on last month’s discussion with Lisa about Taize, we recommend that we do 2 Holy Hours and 2 Taize services.  The Holy Hours would be simple Exposition, Adoration, Evening Prayer, Benediction, Reconciliation and instrumentals and rosary. First Friday in July (July 7) and last Friday in April (April 27 because first Friday in May is hectic) for Holy Hour and October 6 or 20 and February 2 for Taize (Lisa needs to weigh in on the dates).  Mary Pat said that Deacon John and Tom Livorsi may switch their monthly Holy Hours to the 4th Wednesdays.  Mary Pat will give a heads up to Lisa and Linda.  Tom will put in requests for the church and will get newsletter and bulletin articles (for the July Holy Hour).
    • For future, do we want to have special pages on the web for Advent, Easter, etc. like Dave used to post for WC?
    • IC Fest – All permits/police have been notified.We will do as we have in past for Mass.Chairs are ordered.Boy Scouts will help set up.We need to have a special planning meeting at some point.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.
    Next WC meeting is in August.  Next Leadership meeting is June 5 and Tom Kaiser will report out.

    April 2017
  • 4-24-17 IC Worship Commission Meeting            
    Present- Jim Viola, Mary Pat Tyson, Paul Taviani, Peg Cello, Maria Wilbert, Mary Lou Rafferty, Lisa Grisolia, Joyce Callahan
    Meeting started with Faith Sharing from the upcoming Sunday Reading from the Acts of the Apostles.
    There was no Parish Council meeting this month, so no PC update.
    We discussed Easter Week Masses, all were well attended. Saturday’s Easter Vigil was a little lighter but still well attended. People loved the harp at the Holy Thursday Eucharistic Adoration.
    We agreed the 9:30am Easter Sunday Mass time worked well logistically.  Also, visitors praised the appearance of the Church!
    Regarding the Easter Vigil Procession, we discussed having an Usher or 2 available to keep people off the street and out of the way of the procession.
    We raised the question, should we continue to have 1 Ministry Sunday? Or have 5 Ministry Sundays, one for each Commission?
    Ministry Sunday is scheduled for May 20/21.
    This Sunday there will be announcements and people available in the Narthex to answer questions about the new Parish App for smartphones.
    This Sunday will also be Hospitality Sunday with donuts and coffee in Plunkett Hall after the 7:30am and 9:00am Masses. Worship Commission will have a table in Plunkett Hall after the 2 Masses to answer questions and promote the different Ministries. Maria will print an information page to provide to Parishioners. Steve Hillsman, Mary Pat, Joyce, and Darlene Cozzi will man the tables.
    Maria had the idea of having a permanent banner for the Worship Commission to put on tables for events where we can promote the Ministries of the Worship Commission.
    We also discussed having each of the 5 Commissions sponsor and run a Hospitality Sunday to promote their Ministries and try to increase membership. Mary Pat and Paul will bring this up at Parish Council for approval and ideas.
    Regarding Hour of Prayer, we talked about simplifying it to include Adoration, Prayer, maybe a Rosary, and Reconciliation. We also discussed 2 different options for frequency of Hour of Prayer. Idea 1- Have 2 Hour of Prayer events during a year and 2 Taize events in the year and alternate quarter to quarter.
    Idea 2- Have 4 Hour of Prayer events and 2 Taize events in a year. We decided to further discuss this at the next WC Meeting. Lisa said that October and February are best for her for Taize.
    Maria already started recruiting 8th graders for Liturgical Ministries! She sent a letter to all 8th graders in ICGE and ICRE a couple days ago and we are all hoping for good response. We should need a training in June to accommodate new Ministers.
    For training new Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers Peg offered the dates of Tuesday 6/13 and Saturday 6/17. She will check with Tom Kaiser and Fr. Chris.
    We will follow up with Fr. Chris about progress with the Altar Server Coordinator position.
    Maria said that new to the Altar Server Ministry, all 6th Graders in GS and RE will be trained to be Altar Servers. This will help keep a large number of servers through 8th grade. Their parents are also sent a letter encouraging them to serve in a Liturgical Ministry during the same Mass as their child.
    Next Worship Commission Meeting is Monday Ma
    y 15.
    Next Leadership Night is Monday June 5.
    March 2017
  • Worship Commission Meeting – March 28, 2017
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Peg Cello.
    Faith Sharing: Father Chris blessed us and our meeting, praying that it be fruitful and that we be protected by Jesus and the Blessed Mother.
    •   Several corrections to the minutes from February 21, 2017 – Liturgical Minister training was 3/7, not 3/10.  Regarding WC participating as hosts for March 15th Eucharistic Adoration, it was decided that we would not be needed that day.  Rather we will host on Holy Thursday’s Altar of Repose from 8 – midnight.  Finally, Father Fragomeni’s name was misspelled, and he is from Our Lady of Pompeii, not St. Peter’s.
    Parish Council:  Mary Pat Vanderlaan, as the Parish Council member, reported out on the March 15 PC meeting.
    Father Tom reported that about 475 people received the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the 18 Hours Confession at IC on March 10 and 11.  MPTV recommended to PC that if we do this again next year, that WC and PC/Father Tom meet in advance of service to determine roles, schedules, etc. since there was some confusion about who was doing what.  Father Tom had the following feedback:
    • He received very good feedback and hopes to do this again next year.Many had been away from Confession for a long time, so it is good to have it available.
    • Comments made that it was difficult to know when the back confessionals were available (there are no lights to indicate whether a person is in confessional or not).Next year, we need to better address this.
    • The host transition was hectic and noisy.Father suggested additional training would be helpful and suggested that there be an “overseer(s)” who would be there at the change of shifts to ensure a good transition.
    • Be sure the signage is correct (e.g. Polish, Spanish etc.).
    • Need to do a better job of publicity – this year it was last minute.The newspaper and other parish notification was good, but need to have posted information around town (e.g. train station, restaurants and coffee shops, hardware store, etc.).He wanted someone to take this on, and I suggested WC.
    • We need a consistent method to count the number of people who come for the Sacrament – this year’s approach seemed ad hoc.
    IC may get another Transitional Deacon (as we have in the past).  All PC and Commissions are invited to attend the Ordination on April 21, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the Cathedral of Joliet.
    All Commissions need to focus again on the Pastoral Plan progress and programs and report back to the PC.
    • Liturgical Minister training March 7 and 11.Two Lectors and one Eucharistic Minister were trained.Tom will send out a pronunciation guide website, and Jim should post this to WC’s page.
    • We got feedback that some lectors are not following protocol regarding going to the center aisle.Other EMs are bowing to the tabernacle rather than to the Altar.Tom and Peg will send out friendly pointers to their ministers.
    • Liturgical Enrichment Day – Father Tom wants to see more participation from IC.There were very few ministers from IC, and over several hundred participants from other parishes.
    • Ministry Day – When is the next Discipleship Sunday (Mary Pat will ask Maria)?We could have an announcement either before Mass during announcements or a special announcement after Mass to invite people to join our ministries.We thought we could do this 2 weeks before Discipleship Sunday.
    • Altar Server coordinator – Maria is leaving her position as volunteer coordinator.No replacement yet.She expressed concern about the servers and the need for a coordinator. Father Chris will explore this further.Tom will ask that Jim search the WC pages to find the guidelines for Server Coordinator.
    Lenten Reconciliation Service:  This occurred as planned.  Some comments in addition to those above:
    • The handouts were good (reconciliation guide, info on windows and church, parish mission).There were too many guides, so next year we recommend we only need 250 copies.
    • WC brought way too much refreshments.Next year, water, juice and small snacks (e.g. chocolate) would be plenty.
    • Scheduling system had quite a few glitches as the roles were being transitioned from our expert Dave McCaffrey.Want to get this started earlier next time to ensure it is working and in order to get information and training out to the hosts earlier per comments above.
    • It was suggested that there be a photo of each of the Priests available to help with directing the people.There was also suggestion of name tags or name plates that could be placed at the confessional stations for the priests.Also, name tags that say “Greeter” or “Host” so that people know who can answer questions.
    • We could use temporary lights for the confessionals in the back like what we did with the remote-controlled candles at Christmas.
    Holy Hours – We are still interested.  Last years were part of the Year of Mercy.  We could continue with this theme.  It was suggested that we do quarterly beginning in July and October on the First Fridays of the month.  Keep it simple – Maybe a theme could also be the Sacred Heart of Jesus in keeping with the First Friday.  Exposition, Adoration, Benediction, Reconciliation and maybe the chaplet or rosary.  We recommend that Respect Life Holy Hour continue as it has.  Mary Pat will contact Deacon John and Tom Livorsi.
    Other Lenten and Holy Week Services:
    • WC has nothing out of the ordinary for Palm Sunday and Easter.Reminder that the Masses for Easter changed (9:30 and 11:30) due to WC recommendation last year about traffic.
    • Holy Thursday – WC agreed to host the Altar of Repose from 8-midnight.We need 2 volunteers per hour.Tom will arrange for the volunteers.Mary Pat will ask Martha to arrange to have 50 of each of the window and church handouts to be placed in the racks in the back of church in case people ask about the history of the church.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.
    Next WC meeting is April 24, 2017.  Please note the date change.

    February 2017
  • IC Worship Commission 2-21-17 Meeting Minutes                          
    Lisa Grisolia, Tom Kaiser, Jim Viola, Steve Hillsman, Peg Cello, and Fr. Chris were in attendance.
    The meeting started with Faith Sharing on this Sunday’s Gospel.
    1. Taize Prayer Service- was a big success and a beautiful service. About 80 people attended not including musicians. Lisa is hoping to host a Taize service about 3 times a year. She is tentatively planning on scheduling a September Taize. Students from Elmhurst College also attended.
    2. Tom and Peg are planning on doing a Liturgical Ministers training on 3/10 and 3/11. We are talking about having 8th graders attend the training. They can get commissioned after Confirmation then they will be ready to get scheduled and start serving.
    3. We look forward to Ash Wednesday services. Eucharistic Ministers have distributed ashes in the past. We will probably need Ushers to hand out Lenten Mission Bags to Parishioners after they receive ashes.
    4. Lenten Reconciliation Service is scheduled for 9 hours each of Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th. Dave McCaffrey did a great job getting the sign up sheet online and contacting last year’s Reconciliation Service volunteers to help this year. So far about 15 of 36 slots have been filled. On March 1, an invitation will be sent for any Parishioner to help at Reconciliation day via the IC Newsletter. Jim Viola is monitoring the number of volunteers who will serve as Hosts. 2 per hour. Worship Commission will provide bottled water, boxes of coffee, and either cheese/crackers or cookies for the Priests to be stored in the Sacristy.
    5. For Reconciliation service days, we will use the Examination of Conscience that Fr David provided for last year’s Service. We are pondering 200-300 copies being made to have available in the Narthex for attendees.
    6. No further update about the Hour of Prayer in Lent. We will reconnect with Deacon John about his Respect Life Holy Hour. The next Holy Hour could be in the week of Spring Break. We will discuss this with Mary Pat and Paul T at the next meeting.
    7. There will be Eucharistic Adoration on March 15th, all day. Benediction and Stations of the Cross at Night. Worship Commission will serve as Greeters/Hosts. From 3pm to 7pm is the most needed time.
    8. We will also need Greeters/Hosts for Eucharistic Adoration on Holy Thursday from 8:30pm to Midnight.
    9. Our next Worship Commission meeting will be on Tuesday March 28th. Different than our normal 3rd Monday of the month.
    10. Parish Mission is on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, 3/13, 3/14, and 3/15. Fr. Fraginini from St Peter’s Church downtown will lead it in a different format. No Mass on Tuesday.
    11. We are encouraged to invite all Parishioners to Liturgical Enrichment Day on Saturday March 4th all morning. There will be 2 keynote speakers then a Mass.
    12. We all enjoyed the John Angotti concert, and thanked Lisa for her beautiful singing with John. Fr. Tom invited John to sing at all Masses during a fall weekend to be determined.
    January 2017
  • Worship Commission Meeting – January 16, 2017

    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Lisa Grisolia, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, Paul Taviani, Joyce Callahan and Mary Lou Rafferty.

    Faith Sharing: Jim led us as we read from Psalm 27 “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” and the Gospel of Matthew “…Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand…”  Jesus called his first apostles, Peter, Andrew, James and John.  We discussed how these are ordinary people who were called, and how amazing it is that they immediately left all they had to follow Jesus.  Do we do the same?

    Minutes:  November minutes were approved with one correction.  Jim Viola brought the cookies for the caroling.                                                                           

    Parish Council:  Paul Taviana as the Parish Council member, reported out on the January 10 PC meeting. 
    Email from Paul T on Parish Council meeting 1/10/2017
    · Father said that it was okay if we make an announcement before mass during the lector welcome that we have openings for ushers, choir members, etc., on a rotating basis. The announcement should be short and direct the congregation to whom they should bring their request to participate.
    · Next, Father said that the Lenten Reconciliation service will be held two days this year: Friday, 3/10 Noon until 10:00PM and Saturday, 3/11 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Both services will be held at IC. Father will want the Worship Commission to help out again with hosting.
    · Father thought that the handouts last year were great as it facilitated the examinations of conscience. Scott Hunter said that he would contact Dave M. to coordinate the computer registering activity with him like last year even though Dave has resigned from the worship commission.
    · Continuing on, the deanery is planning a Liturgical Enrichment Day on Sunday, 3/5 at Ascension Church, Oak Brook Terrace. it starts at 8:15 and will end after two presentations and a mass (ending sometime after 12:00 noon). Details to follow.
    · Leadership Night (2/14) will be a little different this year. John Angotti, a singer, will be leading all of us in song in the Church at 7:00PM. I guess it will be some sort of "sing-a-long." It should last until 8:30 approximately.
    · There were some other points relating to things coming up later. One thing noted is that there was a survey done at nursing homes and assisted living centers in the area to determine needs. We will be talking about this later, but it seems that services (in particular the sacrifice of the Mass) have already been improved due to the survey results. The Worship Commission might be interested in this.
    Thanks to the subcommittee of WC who met to prepare Paul and Mary Pat to report out to the PC.  Regarding our desire to get more ministers, it was suggested that we both announce opportunity at beginning of Mass, and have it in the bulletin the same week – word the request that people can use the time during Mass to discern, and that there would be someone in Narthex after Mass.  Regarding the reconciliation service, Tom will contact Dave and Scott to see who will do what with this and what WC needs to do.  Martha recently updated the windows handout.  We agreed that we can take care of the snacks and coffee for the priests.  We will need to get something on this into the bulletins and February and March newsletter.  The Parish Mission is 3/12-14 with Father Fragomini.
    Caroling at the Crib
    In spite of the snow, it went well.  Refreshments indoors went well.  James did a good job of setting up.  Be sure we put the innards into the coffee pot to avoid the whistling.  We had too much hot chocolate (only used about 30 cups).  Tom did figure how to light the lights!  Lisa’s other caroling in the neighborhood was a hit.
    Taize Service
    This will be on February 10, Friday.  Lisa will need help to set up mid afternoon, and at 6:15 for people to greet, light candles, etc.  She needs a reader, someone for petitions and cleanup.  It is the weekend of the women’s CRHP so hopefully some of those attending will start off with this service.  Lisa will get bulletin and newsletter articles in, and will invite the other Elmhurst parishes and announce it to the ecumenical group.
    • Next Liturgical training March 7 and 11.WC needs to amend the process to vet ministers, per Father Tom’s conversation with Tom Kaiser.Tom will get a copy of the form and add the questions and work with Peg and Jim on their forms to ensure people are in good standing with the church.We discussed whether we need to double check the information on the forms and agreed that would not be done as it is up to the personal integrity of the persons to fill out the forms correctly.
    • Holy hours – Paul will talk to Deacon John about the Respect Life Holy Hours to see if they want to make any changes.Paul should coordinate with Tom should invite Tom and Mary Pat to that discussion.We decided not to pursue the Year of the Saints right now although we like the idea.
    • Transition of responsibilities covered by Dave. Dave McCaffrey resigned from the Worship Commission after an amazing service.  Tom Kaiser wrote:
    Dear Dave, 
     I wanted to thank you for all your years of service on the Worship Commission.  Throughout those years you have demonstrated great generosity of your time and talents in working on so many our Commission and parish projects, from being our Commission Web page master, posting all our minutes and events and sending in notices to the bulletin, to creating signup pages for our different events, just to name a few.   Thank you also for your leadership at our meeting and for and always being the voice of reason and practicality during our discussions and for stepping up so many times to take the lead on projects.   I always knew that any event you were involved in would be done right and done with a high degree of class and professionalism, that all involved in would be proud to volunteer for and attend.  
    Thank you Dave, for all the many countless hours you have given to our Commission and to IC Parish.  Your contributions could never be fully counted and I along with all our Commission members will sorely miss you at our meetings.
    Please know that you are always welcome to return to the Commission if your circumstances change.  Again, Thank You for all that you have done for the Worship Commission. 
    Sincerely, Tom 
    The Worship Commission thanks Dave sincerely for all his work.
    Jim agreed to be the lead person to take on the web responsibilities that Dave had done.  Mary Pat agreed to work along with him.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a prayer and blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.
    Next WC meeting is February 20, 2017.  Please also note that the Leadership Night is February 14 – in the Church with a concert by John Angotti.