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Youth Ministry
HeavenWhat questions do you have for God?
We have a really BIG God that can handle your toughest questions!  

Here were the anonymous questions high school students wrote out at our last gathering:
  • What are God’s limits, if he has any?
  • Does God send a lot of people to hell, if they don’t stand out to him?
  • Why does God let terrible things happen to people?
  • Why does God always let the worst thing happen and it always comes with a really bad punishment even though you don’t do anything wrong?
  • What’s the best Sacrament?
  • Sometimes people are born into situations were following God and turning away from sin are nearly impossible. Why don’t they get a chance to find God?
  • I really want to find a girlfriend, but I’m losing hope. Will God make it happen?
  • What are your goals to get closer to God?
  • In what ways does God show he is with you?
  • What do you think Heaven looks like?
  • I’m scared that when I am in front of God at the judgment, what if he tells me “I do not know you?” How can I be less scared that I might go to hell?
  • What do you think the meaning of life is?
  • What is the extent of a motion? What is the happiest or saddest you can be?
  • Why did God kill the dinosaurs?
We'll be discussing topics like this all year long!  (But first, we play games to build community, get to know each other and eat yummy food!!!)
If you want answers to questions like these, please join us!!!  
Check out what we did last summer!!!
IMPACT Local Mission Adventure July 23-25, 2022
  • High school teens from a variety of parishes had an unforgettable time on IMPACT, a local and short term mission experience this summer!  Camp Sullivan in Oak Forest, IL was our home base and each day we had fun serving together at a different site:
  • Service sites included Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, Mission Of Our Lady of the Angels in Chicago and Nativity House in Lockport.
  • Goals include building community, learning and applying Catholic Social Justice Teachings, building leadership skills and growing in faith. 

“Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving his/her goal; Nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.” —Thomas Jefferson

We cannot control our circumstance but WE CAN CONTROL OUR RESPONSE to it.  Your thoughts and attitude becomes the foundational path for your life.  Which direction is it taking you?  

IC Youth Ministry, called Students of Impact, strives to equip teens with the skills they need to be in command of their thoughts and attitudes.  On March 13th, we invite current 8th grade students and all high school students for a fun and compelling evening that will teach teens how to cultivate a positive attitude.  

Please encourage your teen to invite a friend and participate!  Sunday, March 13th 5:30-7 pm in Costello Hall.  We will be serving ICE CREAM SUNDAES!!! 

Students of Impact Gathering in January was a great success!  Brave students (from three high schools) came out in the cold and ice had a great time!  We played The "WA!" Game and Ninja--Fr. James played too!  We shared goals and BIG DREAMS we have for this year and our futures.  God speaks to us through Jeremiah 29:11 and says: God has plans for you to have a prosperous future full of hope!  All the students participated enthusiastically and were encouraged to tap into the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit as they figure out God's plan for their lives in every arena: relationships, personal goals, academics, family, future plans, etc.  

Thank you to everyone who prays for the high school students and helps to spread the word!  Our next Students of Impact Gathering will be on Sunday, February 27th 5:30- 7 pm.

Teens need a compass and roadmap for navigating all the relationships in their life.  Thoughts and words (especially on social media) are so powerful!  They can cut us down or build us up.  

Students of Impact strives to equip high school teens to be in command of the way they think about themselves and others--to choose positive thoughts and words.  That will overflow into the way they speak to and treat themselves and treat others!  

At the December Students of Impact Gathering, teens heard that they are valuable, important, and worthy of genuine and trustworthy friendships.  Scripture (especially Romans chapter 12) provides practical encouragement for how to have healthy and thriving relationships with family and friends.  IC Youth Ministry guides teens in understanding and applying Scripture and the truths of our faith to become an even better friend and family member.

Please encourage your teen to invite friends and participate in the Students of Impact gatherings from 5:30-7 pm at ICCP in Costello Hall in 2022.  The games are fun, the food is delicious, the people are friendly and welcoming and the topics are pracical and compelling!

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All teens & families are invited to attend the Sunday evening 7 pm Mass!  It's conveniently immediately after the youth night and is shorter than a regular Sunday Mass!

Put these dates on your calendar and BRING A FRIEND!
Sunday, February 18
Sunday, March 10
Sunday, April 7

Current 8th grade teens (from all schools) are welcome to join us in March and April!!! 


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